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Have you tried my All Natural Dish Soap yet? 

Say bye bye to plastic bottle waste with these all natural dish soaps! It’s an economical way to not only wash your dishes but these bad boys are a multi use product and they last a looong time (longer than that plastic bottle of soap you keep buying). You can use this dish soap to wash your counter’s, stove top and other surface area’s that require a good scrub.

Even though fragrance is 100% ok to use in dish soap I like to keep mine all natural. Plus, using essential oils like Lemon & Orange has its benefits. They don’t just smell refreshing but essential oils like Lemon and Orange enhance the effectiveness of cleaning with their purifying properties which help fight against harmful pathogens and bacteria. 

I have Lemon & Orange x10 essential oil dish soaps available. Please use the drop down bar to choose.

Make the switch - You won’t regret it!

WARNING: Please do not use this Dish Soap to wash your body. My dish soap is formulated to be very cleansing by containing a high Coconut Oil percentage. Using it would cause your skin to become dry. I do add a small percentage of Olive Oil to my recipe that adds moisturizing properties. Being someone that doesn’t use gloves while washing the dishes, I didn’t want my formula to be harsh on the hands. With my gentler formula, you can wash the dishes or clean your counters with or without gloves!