I am so happy & beyond grateful to have you here.

I'm Michelle, the one woman show behind BombShell Creations Soapery LLC & this is my story...

My soaping journey all started about 5 years ago, winter of 2015 because my son's battle with severe eczema. He has had it since he was an infant & still battles it today along with my second born son. I bought every product imaginable on the shelf from cheap to outrageously expensive, I tried every tip & trick his Dr. had given me - nothing worked for him. There were so many sleepless nights & moments where he would scratch and scratch until he bleed. I couldn't stand to watch my poor babe go through it anymore. So naturally, being the entrepreneurial person I am I thought to myself, "I wonder if I could make all natural products for him." I decided to start doing some research & dig deeper into this whole idea. I soon realized that I was hooked, everything about soaping especially the artistry behind it really intrigued me. My first product attempt for my son was an all natural oatmeal bath bomb. I knew what was being put into the product & that it was all natural. No more yucky chemicals/detergents like in store bought products to make his eczema flare. Let's just say they became a regular in our household & I never stopped soaping!

This is how my business name developed - Bomb because my first product I ever made was a bath bomb for my boy & Shell because my name is Michelle but ones who love me call me Shell, BombShell Creations Soapery LLC.

I couldn't stop there...I was longing to learn & make more but at this point in my life finding the extra time was hard. I was running my small business as a hair stylist, working at a photography studio, baking as a side gig and experiencing first time Mamahood - it was a lot. Then February of 2016 arrived and the unexpected happened. I was diagnosed with cancer at 25 years young and underwent surgery May 31st, 2016. Between that time I made HUGE life changes. I decided to quit my salon and photography job to become a stay at home mom and focus on my child, health & soaping. I told my love that soaping is what I'm meant to do, he agreed. Ever since he has supported and helped push me into the right direction. Not being able to do much of anything for a while after my surgery, time opened up. I used this extra time and read every Brambleberry article, watched every Soap Queen TV video, watched Youtube videos, read soap making books and business books - filling my head with all things soapy. After sometime healing I quickly got into trying other products besides bath bombs including, melt and pour soap, whipped soap, whipped body butter, emulsified scrubs, sugar scrubs, lotions, lotion bars, lip balm, body wash, nail polish, candles & more. Eventually it led me to my true love, Cold Process soap making! CP soap is such a cool art form & so versatile - always changing, always different, always fun & that's why I love it so much. I have always been a very hands on, visual and imaginative person. I like to take anything I imagine from the simplest things in life that I love and turning them into a beautiful skin-nourishing piece of soapy art - it's what fuels my fire!


Back in June I had the incredible honor of becoming Brambleberry's Maker of The Month & being interviewed for the world to learn my journey into the art of soap making. Above was a brief portion of that interview...If you would like to continue reading more about my story & soaping journey please click the link below - It will bring you to my completed interview with Brambleberry.

Thank you for joining me on my incredible journey, it's your love & support that continues to make my dreams come true! 

My whole heart